Yesterday I was digging through some folders of illustrations on my computer looking for something and came across a bunch of drawings of people that I did back in 2010-2011. These are 2 of them. I still really love them!

As I was looking through these illustrations I remembered how much I love drawing people and thought to myself "why don't I ever draw people anymore?" 

I don't have a good answer to that question. Which means, I think it's time to start again! I'm going to challenge myself starting November 1st to draw a person a day for the whole month. Now, I don't really do very well when I set challenges like this for myself for some reason -- I rebel against the constraints that I put on my self almost immediately. But I'd really like this one to work! So I'm going to do my best.

Anyone want to join me for a 30-day drawing challenge? You can draw whatever you want! It doesn't have to be people.

On a separate note, I'm going to be out of town all next week, and I'm going to take a break fem posting here. I'm headed to Joshua Tree, CA again for some energy medicine training. I will have gorgeous desert photos to share when I return!

See you on Monday, October 27th!

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