In between e-course hoopla the lately (there are almost 200 of you signed up for Pattern Camp already, omg!), I've been painting in small bursts, and this new piece just emerged in the last 2 days.

The background was already painted and ready for layers, so this was Step Two.

I like that it's a bit looser than how I usually paint. Sometimes I get so rigid in my painting that it's nice to loosen up and try something a bit different.

I'm thinking I'm going to find a spot in my house to hang this one for a while…. the original might be a keeper for me, not to sell. It's got some personal meaning to it that I might not want to part with. Sometimes that happens.

Happy weekend! I won't be posting here much next week as I'll be in Colorado teaching a painting workshop at the fantastic Art Makers Denver retreat as well as spending a bit of time visiting my family. Follow me on Instragram, though, if you want to see follow along on my adventures!


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