Hi guys! I wanted to tell you about the Thriving Artist Summit today, as it's coming up right after the start of the new year and I know many of you will benefit from it! I did an interview with Bonnie, the Summit's founder, that will be included in the 2 week learning extravaganza, all about my creative business, licensing, pattern design, and more. Plus, there are interviews with over 20 other artists and experts that you won't want to miss! People like Lilla Rogers, Lisa Congdon, Tara Gentile, and more. My interview will air on January 7th!

Oh, and did I mention it's totally FREE to participate?

If you're you ready to create a real business with your art, full-time or on the side, if you're looking for inspiration to stay focused and motivated, and if you want to pick up some useful tips and tricks from 20+ thriving artists, experts, and mentors, this is for YOU!

The Summit is coming up January 5 - 18, 2015. Bonnie Glendinning, creative coach and host of The Thriving Artist Summit, created this online event in order to help you discover how to get your creative business to the next level --  she's on a mission to help artists be successful and thrive, not just survive! 

During this special community summit you will learn about how to:
  • make your creative business a real success
  • build tour brand for your ideal buyers
  • price for real profit and growth
  • increase your sales with marketing, PR, and social media
  • diversify into licensing, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer 
  • get into galleries, shows, and raise project funds
You can sign up for the Summit and find more details RIGHT HERE

Remember, it's totally free! New interviews will be posted daily from January 5 -18, 2015. What a great way to start your creative business year, eh? 

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